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While various software providers target the traditional Document Management and Imaging Market, professional in-house systems remain costly and difficult to implement for smaller and medium sized companies.   e-volusoft takes the concept one step further: we offer an ASP-solution to distributed organizations that can be implemented in a very short time and for half the cost.

Our key products are:

 e-volusoft DocuManager™ a full family of products focused on scanning, managing and manipulating both paper and digital documents.  Its full web interface makes it easy to use and accessible from anywhere in the world, allowing the end user to both scan and retrieve documents directly from the browser and transform paper documents into digital images that can be stored on a server for secure, reliable access.     [more...]   

Secure-Archives by e-volusoft is a revolutionary service that allows the end user to scan, store and manage business documents over the internet in our redundant server cluster.  This ASP (Application Service Provider) solution allows companies of any size to take advantage of the huge benefits of storing office information in a digital format for quick and secure access and retrieval.    [more...]

Anti-Money Laundering Seminars
Online Training System in the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

Prevention & Development has been designed with the objective of reaching 100% of staff of the Mediation and Other Entities related and required to prevent this kind of crime. The training system has been implemented in several Latin American countries, reaching more than 18,000 trained employees. [more...]   

i2 Intelligence-Led Operations Platform

Providing a key element of the new i2 Intelligence-Led Operations Platform, i2 Analyst’s Notebook 8
delivers powerful new analytical and visualization capabilities designed to reduce the time required to
identify high value intelligence within quickly growing data sets. [more...]   


Documanger / Secure Archives

Intelligence-Led Operations Platform

Anti-Money Laundering & Frauds Seminars